Beach Waves Yoga

welcomes everyone, regardless of age, body type, and experience level.

About Us:

High Quality & Professional Yoga Club

We aim to motivate and inspire you, from beginner to advanced practitioners.

We believe that Yoga and Pilates help to heal and repair ailments you may be suffering, restore your sense of well-being, and improve your health and quality of life. They nurture your mind, body and soul.

Studio Ettiquette


  • Be on time
  • Check in before class
  • Turn off all cell phones
  • Remove shoes
  • Leave your ego at the door
  • Observe silence in the practice room
  • Don’t wear perfume or scented products to class
  • Stay home and rest if you have the flu or a cold
  • Stay for savasana
  • Smile Often

About Us

Jenn and Tina started Beach Waves Yoga to create a community that inspires you to make positive changes in your body and your life through the practices of Yoga and Pilates. They are great friends and neighbors who met through happenstance when Tina broke her hip in January 2021, and Jenn helped Tina rehab her injury and return back to the lifestyle and activities she feared she may not be able to resume.

(843) 344-6616

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13089 Ocean Highway,

C4, Pawley’s Island, SC 29585

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